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As I have just discovered that I was now a tool, soon to be backaged in Oneiric. Looks like I might meet myself at the next UDS… 🙂

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Mounting fully encrypted hard disk.

While testing Oneiric on a separate disk, I wanted to get some files off my laptop’s hard drive which is hosting my normal Natty’s install.  Keeping with a previous setup, I had installed my laptop with a fully encrypted hard … Continuer la lecture

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Oneiric first drive

Ok, I finally got a few minutes to start testing Oneiric Beta 1 on my HP Elitebook 8440p.  Since it is the computer that I use on my daily job, I preferred to launch it using a USB key and … Continuer la lecture

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Live from my phone

The fun of being a geek is to find silly things to do, like to try to blog from an Android phone. Well, using the power of the open source (wordpress & Android) looks like it will be easier then … Continuer la lecture

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