Sorry for those of you who are used to read me in french, but you will see appear here, from time to time, notes, posts and information about an opensource project that I’m working on : crashdc.

crashdc is a set of scripts to be used in conjunction with Dave Anderson’s crash tool. Without crash, crashdc is useless. With it, crashdc can automate data collection when a new kernel crash dump occurs.

Dave Anderson has kindly accepted to include crashdc in the crash package, so when crashdc will be ready, this is where you will be able to find it. I also created a sourceforge project for it called obviously crashdc, where you can find standalone bits and information about crashdc itself.

The Sf environment does not intend to ack as a parallel project, but just a place for me to host my development which itself will make its way to the crash rpm.

Right now, don’t look for the crashdc bits : they’re not available yet.  Being employed by a major computer constructor, I must first clear out the project internally so I can have the right to publicly distribute crashdc. This shoudln’t be too long. And since crashdc is mostly Alpha code right now, this would not bring you much to get it as it is.

So bear with me a little longer, and it should become available for a first round of testing soon.

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